The Next Generation of Less-Than-Lethal Munitions

How It Works

The charge is delivered via a modified composite projectile fired from existing standard issued M4/AR 15 weapons. No external source of power is needed to keep the rounds or magazine charged. The charge is activated when the bullet is fired from the weapon and is pulsed until all the energy is dissipated from the bullet.

ShoX HEMI has the potential to immediately incapacitate the target via electric shock and can incapacitate a target for up to 30 seconds.

ShoX HEMI rounds are not restricted to close range usage, as is the case with stun guns and products such as the traditional “TASER” weapon, which has several restrictions.

ShoX HEMI packs a punch and provides the distraction needed to provide community safety while repelling threats. Peace of mind is our goal knowing you can protect with less chance of fatally injuring an individual.

Blockchain Technology

End to end chain of custody.

ShoX HEMI offers robust data validation and traceability by utilizing smart contracts and distributed ledger technology that is the heart of the blockchain.

Utilizing smart contracts to anchor unique identifiers for rounds and magazines,  the blockchain provides the ability to track both items data, including the complete history of the item with manufacturer details, transport details, age, distribution details that include the date and time the round was distributed, and who the round was distributed to.

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